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My name is Clyde McDade.  I write online projects for self-help authors, publishers, e-course creators and health-based businesses.  These include eBooks, ads, email campaigns, landing pages and websites. Since 2008 I have generated over $12,000,000.00 for my clients. Download your gift, “5 Surprising Ways to Increase E-Book Engagement”, here. 

Lead Generation Lesson #1

Understanding the Subscriber "B.D.F."

Are you looking to gain more leads and sales using your eBooks?  People make their decisions according to three criteria.  Once you know them its easier to write eBooks, emails and landing pages, speaking to their pain points. In this video lesson you will learn…

  • What a Subscriber “B.D.F.” is and how to use it to speak to your subscribers and get more response.
  • Why ignoring their “B.D.F.” will lower your opt-in, click-through rates and revenue.
  • How to determine your subscribers “B.D.F.”, as it pertains to your offers, products and services.

Click on the free video to your right and start learning!

It all starts with your online Discovery Meeting.

E-Book Writer Clyde McDade, will listen to your goals, needs and explain the ebook writing process. Your project isn’t complete until you rate it a 5/5. Save time and energy, by letting us write your Ebooks.  Schedule your online “Discovery Meeting”, today.

Create Your "Reader Avatar"

We create a "Reader Avatar" to discover their beliefs, desires and fears when it comes to your ebook topic.

Idea Generation System

We collaborate with you to find the "BIG IDEA" for your Ebook, using the "Idea Generation System."

Outline Process

Based your Reader Avatar and Big Idea, we create an outline for clear, action-based writing that is customized for you.

The Storytelling System

The Storytelling System places a "subscriber problem" and your solution into a story-based format. This removes sales resistance.

EBook Writer Clyde McDade

Making a Difference

Every publication, product or service you have can make a difference in people’s lives. My job is to share the life-changing stories your company has to tell. I do this through writing eBooks, email campaigns and landing pages. Why else work with me?  This free graphic explains.

Clyde McDade
EBoook Writer

Ghost Writing Services For Business

Ebook Writing and Editing

Complete start-to-finish book writing, perfect for electronic distribution in PDF or Epub formats, Kindle, and more.

Email Copywriting

Craft the perfect emails every time for your clients, customers, patients, or employees.

Landing Page Copywriting

"Can and Clone" your best sales efforts into powerful written copy that influences actions and close sales.

EBook Writer Clyde McDade believes your eBooks are the key to generating more leads. He leads the small team of Direct-Response Copywriters and Editors, passionate about helping you change lives and building a profitable business.

Don’t waste time writing your eBooks. Schedule your free “Discovery Meeting” today. Clyde and his team look forward to helping you fill your sales funnel with qualified leads. 

General Questions

Clyde is an AWAI-trained, Direct-Response Copywriter. His specialty is generating more leads for his clients, through email campaigns and ebook writing. Clyde has been writing since 1996.

Pricing is based on your needs. Once you share them in your online “Discovery Meeting”, you will be given a quote. We have three main pricing packages. Custom pricing is available, based on your needs. 

Based on the number of pages you need for your ebook, we will agree on a reasonable deadline. Our goal is quality, so you get engaged, qualified leads.

Topics include health, finance, non-profit, retail, automotive, real estate and others. If you need a topic written we can write it.

Your Ongoing EBook Writing Needs

Planning to use eBooks for your ongoing lead generation campaigns?  Ebook writing is available on an ongoing basis.  All editing and proofreading are included for single or ongoing eBook projects.  Let save you time, so you can do what you do best.

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