3 Marketing Tools to Put Inside your EBooks

Your eBook alone is a great marketing tool. You can use them to highlight your product, service or treatment. Today, I want to share three marketing tools to put inside your eBooks.

Most businesses stop at the words in their eBooks. This is a mistake. EBooks are digital documents. You have the ability to place links to other marketing tools. Here’s a rundown of what you can do.

1. Video

Video marketing is effective. YouTube alone has five billion views, per day! Place at least one video link for your product demo. Have clients raving about your service? Use customer video testimonials to spread the word.

Remember, video shows how your offer solves a problem. Here’s another great benefit of an eBook video. They let people imagine using what you have in their lives. This creates less convincing on your end.

2. Podcast

According to “The Podcast Host”, people listen to six podcasts a week. That’s a ton of ears listening! Place a link in your eBook to a podcast series. Your episodes can focus on the main or subtopic covered in your eBook.

Adding a podcast gives eBook readers deeper insight into your offer. Also, it can increase engagement. Not only do they read it, but engage, by listening to your eBook.

3. ECourse

I read a stat recently that blew me away. It said that personal development elearning was up by over 200%! Expand the reach of your ebook with ecourses. People love to learn and grow. You can help them on top of a great eBook read.

Ecourse platforms such as Udemy and LearnDash are excellent. They allow you to create and launch professional ecourses. Make sure your ecourses are relevant, niched and easy to navigate.

Track Your EBook Results

Whichever marketing tool you use, track the results. How many readers clicked on the podcast link? How many of them listened? How many views did your product video get? Did over a 1,000 people enroll in your online course?

Answering these questions will tell you if your eBook marketing is working. Getting good at this can grow your email lists. How do you know which tools to use?

  • What type of content are your email subscribers already consuming? Do they prefer videos, podcasts or cheat sheets?
  • Which platform will show the benefits of what you offer, best? Video is more visual. But if most of your subscribers are on the road, a podcast is better.
  • Which marketing tool already brings in the most customers? If they’re buying from your videos, keep the train rolling! Include videos in your eBooks.

You may have an audience that loves each platform. If so, place one link per platform in your eBook. This way you cover all your bases!

Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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