4 Ways to Reward Your EBook Readers

Welcome to the next lesson in our C.L.A.R.I.T.Y. series! We’re focusing on the letter “R.” If you want to engage more eBook readers, read on!

Have you ever seen a “Wanted” poster or flyer? They promise a financial reward for “information leading to” and so on. There’s something interesting about this type of reward;

There’s only one option.

You can’t do this with your eBook readers. You should have at least two rewards for them. I’m talking about your eBook offers. To gain more leads and sales I recommend 4 rewards for your eBook readers.

1. The “Special Offer”

Years ago at Universal Studios my family bought the “VIP Pass.” It literally let you move to the front of the line! We didn’t have to wait in the longer lines other guests wait it in.

While buying them online, we got other special offers. Universal Studios wanted to show us there were more ways to save money. And more ways to have fun at their theme park.

Each pass at the time was $79.00, plus tax. It was a special offer we couldn’t pass up. Why? It gave us abnormal access to the theme park. You need to do the same thing in your eBooks.

Create a special offer, eBook readers can’t pass up. Your special offer will depend on your industry, budget and strategy. The best way to create an offer is to ask this question:

“What can we offer that our competition can’t and be profitable?”

Your answers can birth a response-boosting special offer!

2. The “Deadline Offer”

Nothing lasts. This is true for eBook offers. Deadline offers warn readers, they’re running out of time to save money, etc. Successful marketers will put a countdown clock on their landing page or website.

Having a “countdown visual” shows eBook subscribers, you’re serious about your deadline offer. Entice them further by using this language:

“After December 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m., this offer will be removed from our website.”

3. The “Dollar Discount Offer”

Don’t discount your price by a percentage. Instead do a “dollar discount offer.” Why? You make more money that way. Also, it’s clearer to the customer how much they will save.

Who doesn’t want to save $300.00 off their hotel stay? Who won’t enjoy saving $2.00 a gallon on gas? These are real dollars, real people will get behind.

4. The “Guru Offer”

Time spent with the expert goes a long way. Investors would give a kidney to get 30-minutes alone with Warren Buffet. An entrepreneur will love an hour with the members of Shark Tank.

The “Guru Offer” works. It offers eBook readers to get personalized coaching, instruction and leadership. Everybody loves “VIP” treatment. We enjoy getting access others don’t.

When you make this offer give high value! Don’t skimp. Give them the tools and direction they need to succeed. Successful people on all levels point to a “guru” in their life. Why not you?

What can you offer them? A link to a private eCourse group? A “members only” Zoom call? Use exclusivity to make this offer. Remember, you should use at least two types of offers in your eBooks. We will talk more about this in a future eBook lesson.

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Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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