5-Step E-Book Publishing Plan

You want to build your email subscriber list. You have an idea for an ebook or ebooks that will solve people’s problems. How do you put your eBook publishing plan to work?

In our C.L.A.R.I.T.Y. series we’re going to talk about the letter “A.” This stands for “Action Plan.” Every eBook needs one. Without it your marketing efforts won’t help prospects move through your sales funnel.

Here are the steps to your 5-step eBook publishing plan!

Step #1: Choose the Right eBook Project

How do you know your eBook project is right? Make a list of your subscribers “pain points.” These are the problems they deal with daily. Choose one or those which trigger the deepest emotions in your subscribers.

Pain points for single mom may be:

  • Time management issues
  • Low energy
  • Finding childcare

The right eBook project solves one or more problems. Running an SEO check using tools such as Ubbersuggest will help.

Step #2: Set Clear eBook Goals

Never create an eBook for the sake of creating one. Each eBook must have specific goals. Do you want a certain number of new subscribers? How many people do you want to go through your sales funnel? How much revenue do you want to make?

Clear eBook goals will help your marketing team stay on track. Money, time and energy won’t be wasted on what doesn’t matter. Creating an eBook is a powerful problem-solver and lead generator. Don’t waste it!

Step #3: Agree on the eBook Strategy

How will you get your eBook to your readers? Who will want this eBook? What’s the call-to-action you will use at the end of it? Deciding on the eBook strategy increases your chances of success.

To do this, remove the “too many chiefs” mentality. Someone must have the final say on eBooks. But your team must agree on what the eBook strategy should be. An effective e-publishing strategy does four things:

  • Focuses on solving a specific problem
  • Establishes you as the “go-to-solution”
  • Establishes trust between you and your readers
  • Builds your email list and or revenue

Step #4: Create an eBook Schedule

You and your team should create an eBook schedule. This is a timeline showing when elements of your eBook will be done. These include your table of contents, design, graphics, wording and so on.

Each element should have a deadline. Use a team tool like Monday or CoSchedule. Your team will see when and how your eBooks are coming along. This makes creating eBooks efficient and effective.

Step #5: Use eBook Teamwork

For now, I write my eBooks. However, I’m not alone. Even Superman had Lois Lane and Jimmy. I have an eBook Cover Designer. My eBook Proofreader scans my wording for mistakes and clarity. I have a Project Manger who handles incoming eBook and other writing projects. Why?

It’s true that “teamwork makes the dream work.”

You will never reach your eBook publishing dreams alone. It takes a “village” to raise a child. It takes a team to create eBooks people will subscribe to and pay for.

Even if you’re a “lone wolf writer” like myself, get help. Pay others to do what you don’t do well. I write well. I don’t design, proofread or edit well. I can learn. I’d rather use that time to write.

Use your 5-step eBook publishing plan today. Start writing and creating eBooks designed to solve problems and change lives!

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