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Clyde is an EBook Writer and Email Copywriter.  He was trained through the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI), located in Del Ray Beach, Florida.  He’s trained in direct response copywriting and marketing.  He’s best known for “Big Ideas”, which generate more leads and sales through his writing and marketing strategies.  Clyde loves to tell stories.  He’s an avid reader and writer.  In addition to copywriting, he writes screenplays and books.  Clyde enjoys combining “Big Ideas” with response-driven copywriting to gain more leads and sales for your business.



Why Work with Clyde McDade

Helping you build profitable relationships.

Struggling to find ideas for your next eBook, email campaign or landing page?  Clyde is skilled in generating leads and sales for you.  He loves working with businesses, dedicated to improving the lives of others.  From financial organizations to insurance companies, Clyde enjoys helping you build profitable relationships with your best prospects and customers.

  • Lead Generation Specialist who brings in more leads and sales.
  • Skilled in direct response copywriting and marketing strategies.
  • Generated over $12,000,000.00 in leads and sales.
  • Writes story-based copy, which removes sales resistance.

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Business Quality Policy

At WriteMyEbooks.com we want to make sure the words written for your eBooks and other projects help you succeed.  To maintain high writing standards, we use a 0-5 Writer Rating System.  Your projects won’t be released to you until you rate it as a 5/5.

Rating Quality

At WriteMyEbooks.com we rate the quality of the writing for your projects in three, main areas.  Each one gives your projects attraction, interaction and conversions.

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