Creating the “Client-Focused” eBook

Today begins the “C.L.A.R.I.T.Y.” series! In each blog post I’m going to share how to eBooks that make it clear your product, service or treatment is the best choice to solve subscribers problems.

The first letter stands for “Client-Focused.”

Businesses who use eBooks to generate leads have a big problem. They wonder why the eBook they created and offered gets less opt-ins than expected. Cover design and other elements play a role. But this may be the biggest reason they don’t get the numbers the hoped for…

Their eBook is “company-focused.”

A big temptation in lead-generation eBooks is to leap into yacking about your company.

Most businesses love their backstory. They go on about how the owner or owners did this, that or the other. Later they get into solving the subscribers problem. This is a HUGE mistake!

Don’t Lose Focus

Keep focus by remembering one thing. The goal of your eBooks is to solve a problem for your subscribers. Talking about anything else upfront causes your eBook to lose focus.

How do you stay Client-Focused in your lead-generation eBooks? Today, I’m going to share a simple way to do this.

Stay “Problem-Focused”

Make a list of your subscribers top problems. Let’s say your company offers a breathing treatment for email subscribers with asthma. Their ages are 35-years old and older. Here’s a list of problems you may come up with.

  • An asthma attack can kill them
  • Restricted breathing
  • Easy to forget their inhaler
  • Feels threatened not having their inhaler
  • Asthma is spiked by cold or hot weather
  • Can’t get a new inhaler without a prescription
  • Insurance hassles and costs
  • Leaves a medicine-like taste in their mouths

Making a list of your subscribers problems keeps your eBook focused. Before you write a word, you’re aware of what some of their top problems are. It will keep your eBook on track. Why?

Your focused on the problem not your company.

The Top Way to Start an eBook

Here’s how to “have your cake and eat it too”, starting your eBook. After the title page, table of contents and forward, create a testimonial page. You can do this in two ways.

First, written testimonials from thrilled clients. These should be “before and after” testimonials. They show the contrast between life without your offer and life after it.

Second, use video testimonials. These are amazing! You can even show your client using the product, service or treatment. After showcasing using it they can talk on camera as to why they loved it.

Starting your eBook with testimonials, puts your subscriber first. You’re telling them you understand proof is first in today’s marketplace. They will read the rest of your eBook knowing you can solve their top problem.

Use the “Empathy Statement”

Never start your eBook with, “Since 1971, our family-owned business has…” Uh, no one cares. Grab your subscribers interest using an “empathy statement.”

“We understand without your inhaler, you can’t breathe.”

This tells subscribers you’re focused on their top problem. You’re not distracted by company history, stock earnings and other meaningless information they can’t use.

Subscribers Look to You

Keep something in mind about lead-generation. You’re looking to gain qualified leads. Your subscribers are looking to solve a problem.

I share something critical with my clients. Subscribers are information seekers looking to become your clients.

Give them the information they need to make their lives better!

Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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