Grow Your Email List Using the “3 Lesson-Types”

Welcome back to the C.L.A.R.I.T.Y. series! In our first lesson we talked about “Clarity.” Today, I’m going to talk about “Lessons.”

Using eBooks to build your subscriber list is important. They give you the time to show subscribers why they should buy from you.

They can establish you as the expert in your field. However, businesses can get confused about an important part. Creating the right lessons in their eBooks.

To make it easy, here’s something I share with clients…

There are “3 Lesson-Types” you can use in your eBooks.

Today, I will share what they are and how to use them.

Lesson-Type #1: Words

Did you know 40% of the world’s population is kinetic? This means they love to touch and feel things. It’s why physical books and magazines are still popular.

There’s nothing wrong with subscribers getting a physical book or report from you. In addition to the feel of your publication the words move them. The words educate them on how your offer can solve their problem.

A key thing about words; Make them visual! Stay away from over-description. The best words show, connect emotionally and spark action.

Lesson-Type #2: Audio

Another 20% of the world’s population is auditory. They prefer to hear their information. This is one reason listening to podcasts on the go is so popular.

You can create an eBook with audio clips. It allows subscribers to experience your information in two forms; reading and listening. Hearing your eBook may help subscribers retain your information, longer.

Depending where they are they can take notes. Taking notes allows the information in your eBooks to have a longer “shelf life” with your subscribers.

Lesson-Type #3: Video

Approximately five-billion videos are watched on YouTube, per day! Video is the top way people consume information today. No wonder, since another 40% of the world’s population is visual.

Put video clips in your eBooks! Use them to demonstrate how your offer works. Customer video testimonials give your company, offer and eBook more credibility. Subscribers tend to remember what’s visual.

Combine the Lesson-Types

Who said your lead generation eBook had to have one lesson-type? Combine all three! This type of eBook provides a few powerful benefits, which can lead to more qualified buyers.

  • Offer different options for consuming and using your information
  • Caters to subscribers with different learning styles
  • Make it easier to share or recommend your eBook
  • Gain more subscribers to your lead generation eBook

Choosing Your eBook Lessons

How do you decide which 3 Lesson-Types to use? It depends on your “subscriber profile.” What’s their age range, income, etc.? Do they love podcasts, YouTube videos or reading?

If your audience are professional salespeople, podcasts or videos may be better for your eBook. Why? This audience is usually mobile. They’re moving from sales call to sales call.

I recommend using all three. Here’s why.

First, podcasts and video are popular. People are busy. Having the option to watch videos or listening to podcast clips makes consuming information, easier.

Second, words are a MUST in eBooks. It’s not a question of whether words will be in your eBook, right? Research will share if your audience prefers podcasts, videos or both. Place these elements in your eBooks accordingly.

Third, video and podcast links are things subscribers can share with others. This opens you up to more potential prospects and customers. Think of your lead generation eBooks as your “salesmen.” The more solutions they provide the more likely the sale will get made.

Use the “3 Lesson-Types” to grow your subscriber list. They will provide clarity, solutions and results for your readers!

Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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