How to Avoid 3 Time-Wasters In Your Small Business

When Alice went down the rabbit hole, she didn’t know what to expect. Once she went deeper something happened. She saw things telling her she might be here awhile. The same is true with small business owners.

Right now, there are three time-wasters in your business. Each will take you from one task to many unexpected ones. They get in the way of your productivity and ability to make money. What are they?

These Activities Waste Your Time

According to an article on by David Finkel, Executives can waste up to 21.8 hours, per week at work.  Sources of these time-wasters include..

  • Spending time responding to low-value emails
  • Handling low-value requests other employees can handle
  • Attending unnecessary meetings

We’ve all done these. Each one kills the “time-manage belief”, 7-figure small business owners live by…

“Time is Money.”

How do you avoid practicing these “profit killers” in your small business?

Step #1: Block It Off

In his breakthrough book, “The One Thing”, author Gary Keller shares great advice about productivity. The only way to get things done is to block it off on your calendar.

Get out your business calendar. Start by blocking off one-hour to complete a task. Make sure it’s an “A-Task.” It’s the task if done will grow your business.

Once you block it off, hide in your “Bat Cave.” This is your office or other workspace where others are not allowed. You stay there for that hour until your “A-Task” is done. I usually work on an “A-Task” for 1-4 hours, per day.

Step #2: Delegate and Reward

Why did you hire employees? Each was hired to do a job. Let them do it. Take “B-Tasks” your employees can do and let them do it. If you’re flying solo other Contractors should do your “B-Tasks.”

Next, reward those who get these “B-Tasks” done. You do so, because they have saved you time, money and energy. For another business of mine, I hire a cleaning a service to clean it. Why? It’s a “B-Task” that won’t make my business profitable if I do it.

Rewards include payment, extra bonuses, tickets to events and others. Use your imagination. Delegating gives YOU a reward. You get more done, help more people and make more money.

Step #3: Trust Your Systems

I have an Accountant. She handles my finances. She checks my accounting software, etc. Since she handles this system I trust her. I don’t waste time micromanaging. I can check the system when I want. But not while I’m working on an “A-Task.”

Once you set up systems in your business, trust them. Let the people and software you input do their jobs. Check in when necessary. Don’t bog yourself down with needless meetings and other time-wasters.

The Rewards Are Endless

What happens when you remove these time-wasters? The rewards are endless! Consistently removing them can bring your small business…

*More revenue to keep your business solvent, year-round

*Get more products and services to your clients

*Solve more client problems, faster than your competition

*Increase your chances of getting more 5-star Google Reviews

Are You Wasting Time Writing?

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Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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