How to Reap the “Harvest” You Want

Frustration is the sister of impatience. When you’re going after the “harvest” of profits, new customers or subscribers, you can get lost in the forest about what’s important.

Along the “yellow-brick road” of success, Dorothy, there’s some things you want to remember. Truth is life, business and success are more than money. Some intangible ingredients must be grown in you before IT happens.

Harvest Tip #1: Recognize What You Have

Before starting I told myself a “truth/lie.” I don’t have experience or training as a Life Coach, so how can I be an Empowerment Coach?

How will anyone hire me to write their eBook, since I don’t have a big portfolio to show off?

After going through my list of “DO-HAVES”, guess what I found? I can write and I have plenty of life experience!

Too many times we devalue what we already have for what we want. We trick ourselves into believing we’re not qualified to do X. Give me a BREAK.

Write down what you have right now to put your idea to work. You will be shocked at the help, skills and abilities you have. USE EM!

Harvest Tip #2: Get Help

Who said you had to travel the “business galaxy” alone? Heck, even Han Solo had Chewie! Find the people who care about your success. Ask them to help you where they can. You will be surprised at who hops on their horse, joins your Calvary and comes to your rescue.

Harvest Tip #3: Take Action

Okay, so you listed what you do have, got help, now what? Take ACTION! Those goals and steps you wrote down? Get moving on getting them done. Great ideas are just that. The WORK is what makes the train move forward in your life. Hop on and enjoy the ride.

When Richard Branson decided to hop into space travel, he took action. Who knows? Maybe one day jetting from Mars to Jupiter for lunch will be the norm for us earthlings.

It will happen, because somebody decided to take action.

Harvest Tip #4: Be Generous

I listed this last, although it needs to be first. Give. Don’t be stingy with your success. The old business and American adage of “you get what you work for” is cute, but one thing is missing;

Your generosity can be the spark that ignites someone else’s success.

Remember hair salon product tycoon, Paul Mitchell? Story goes, he bought a Harley Davidson dealership for a friend who let him sleep on his couch when “King Paul” was broke as a joke!

Lower the stiff, upper-lip of your bootstrap posture. Find ways to give generously with your time, money and energy. It will come back to you in big ways.

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