How to Remove “Message Fog” from Your eBooks

As I drove through the fog I could barely see. I couldn’t make sense of what was in front of me. Suddenly a pair of high-beam headlights flooded my eyes. I had to pull over for safety.

The same happens with businesses using eBooks to generate leads. The plethora of ideas from organizational leaders creates “message fog.”

What is “Message Fog?”

Message fog is an unclear message that confuses potential buyers who read your eBooks. Imagine buyers visit your online store and the images are blurry. Not much would get sold.

Businesses do this all of the time with theIr lead-generation eBooks. Unclear eBook messages leads to lower sales and profits.

How do you remove “message fog?”

Assign an eBook Team

When a new client buys from you, which departments will connect with them? Developing your lead-generation eBook can have too many hands in the “eBook Pot.”

Choose a small team who’s job is to create your lead-generation eBook. They will be responsible for creating the elements for a successful lead-generation campaign.

Choose One eBook Idea

Your product or service may solve a gazillion problems. Pick the one more important to your readership. If your health product helps women 30+ get a deeper, younger-looking tan, focusing on aging skin may be the top focus.

Focusing on one topic makes it easier to write an eBook that generates the leads you want. Remember, when people have too many choices they tend to not make a decision.

Agree On an eBook Outline

Where businesses go wrong is not agreeing on a clear eBook outline. Your eBook outline is like a ships rudder. If it’s attached your lead generation will go in the right direction.

Here’s the best part; you can change your outline until everyone agrees the logical solution for the reader is to choose your company to buy from.

Put the eBook Reader First

In his classic book “The E-Myth”, author Michael Gerber gives a sobering reminder to businesses everywhere. He states that outside of the craft or trade your practice, your business has nothing to do with you.

Your color scheme, logo, website should be designed to attract the buyers you want. The same is true with your eBook readers.

Put their problems and needs first and business needs second. A funny thing will happen. Your needs will get met over time.

Pick Your eBook Design

What images, colors or logos will resonate with your eBook prospects? Your eBook layout can include links to product videos and other elements.

Pick the eBook design that will attract the most readership. Again, your eBook team needs to agree on what the eBook design should be.

Your eBook Call-to-Action

The section where you finally get to talk about you is in your call-to-action or CTA. Here, you share why your product or service is the solution to your eBook readers problems.

Don’t be shy! Your call-to-action section can include video links, pictures, testimonials and more. Proof elements such as case studies can put here.

Make sure the action you want them to take is CLEAR.

Do you want them to enter their name and email? Is there a toll-free number to call to order? You created the eBook to solve a specific problem. Ask for specific action.

Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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