How to Use the “Killer B’s” to Increase Your Email Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rate

I tapped my pen on the notebook paper, like an irritated teacher watching her students, during test time. How on earth am I going to write an e-mail to generate leads for life insurance? Then it hit me…

Everybody ends up at the cemetery.

I went through my “B.D.F.” system and landed on my BIG IDEA! When I delivered it to my client, I waited on bated breath.


Once he ran it, my insurance client brought in over $12,000,000.00 worth of life insurance policies. Why did this email campaign work so well?

You Can’t Dodge the “Killer B’s”

Everybody makes their decisions off their B.D.F. The “B” stands for BELIEFS.

I don’t care who you are or what you do. Your beliefs are as solid as the concrete you drive on. They’re so ingrained, you pity the poor soul who disagrees with or challenges your beliefs.

Before writing your email campaign, know the beliefs of your subscriber as they relate to your offer. Ignoring this step will drop your email conversion rates like an elevator to the basement!

The Life Insurance Email

In the subject line of the email I wrote for my insurance client, I wrote this provocative question…

“Which father are you?”

The email told the story of two wives. Both were in a cemetery grieving over their lost hubbies. One grieved more naturally because everything was paid for, due to her husband leaving her life insurance.

The other balled more heavily because she could barely get her husband in the ground with no insurance policy. The subject line and story hit a huge belief in the subscriber’s mind…

“I’m a good father.”

Once you tap into the core beliefs of your subscriber, their minds will do the rest for you. I call these the “Killer B’s” or “Killer Beliefs”, because either they will deliver killer negative or killer positive conversion rates.

List Subscriber Beliefs

Whip out a sheet of paper or open a Word doc. Write down the name of your product, service or topic at the top. Next, write down the word BELIEFS.

List every possible belief your subscriber may have towards your offer. When you’re done, go through the list and put a star next to the hottest, core beliefs. Congrats! You just found the hot topics for your email sequences.

USE THEM and watch your conversion rates soar.

Clyde McDade is the EBook Writer. He specializes in writing ebooks, emails, and landing pages to generate more leads for your business.

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