How Words Attract Your Buyers

Years ago a client of mine and I were meeting with a video marketing company. One of the owners said something shocking.

“Video is better, because nobody wants to read all of those words.”

As an eBook Copywriter I could have debated with her all day. What she did not realize is her statement could keep money out of her clients wallets.

Her statement was indicative of a problem businesses have in their marketing today. Few understand how important words are in growing their business.

The “Word Power” Plan

In May of 2016 I wrote two emails for an Insurance Agent. The goal was to get generate leads for life insurance policies. Over a two year period those emails brought my client just north of $12 million dollars worth of business!

Why was he able to close so many new clients? Three reasons.

First, he’s a knockout closer. My client cares about your needs. He fits you with insurance policies designed to solve your problems.

Second, he talks with his clients on a deep, sincere level. He never “sells” them anything. They come to realize they need his help.

Third, the email copy I wrote for him was an extension of who he and his clients are. Since I understood him and them it was easy to write lead generation copy that worked.

Bottom line, the words in those emails spoke to the readers. Here are some tips from my “Word Power” Plan. Use them to connect with buyers, get more leads and sales.

Tip #1: Ask Pervocative Questions

Have you ever been asked a question which hit your “curiosity button?” The subject line of the first email I wrote asked this question.

“Which Father Are You?”

This question challenged the honor of fathers. Are you the kind of father who would look out for their family or not? Asking a pervocative question gets buyers thinking on a deeper level.

Tip #2: Speak to Emotions

Similar to a pervocative question, words attract when they speak to your buyers emotions. Few people have emotions about your product or service. They do have emotions about what affects them.

Words connect buyers emotions to how your offers confirm or ease their emotions. When buyers feel your words are connecting with their deeper emotions, they tend to buy more often.

Refusing to craft your words to speak to a buyers emotions will cost you clients and money, because they don’t understand something.

How will your offer remove a fear, satisfy a deep desire and so on?

Tip #3: Give Clear Direction

It’s one thing to attract buyers with your words. It’s another to move them to action. You need to direct them on what you want them to do to buy from you.

In the insurance email I wrote for my client the reader had one step if they wanted to contact him about life insurance.

Email him.

Do you want them to click on a link? Call a 1-800 number? Words give clear direction. Never leave it in your buyers hands to figure out how to buy from you.

Benefits of “Word Power”

What can happen if use these tips from the “Word Power” Plan? As businesses use the right words to communicate with buyers, here is how life can be different for your business.

  • Build a larger email list with loyal subscribers
  • Clients buy more often, due to clear wording
  • Increased sales through your website
  • Wording which works like an “online sales pro”
  • A system bringing in more buyers, 24/7

Which of these benefits can help your business? It pays to hire the right employees. It pays more to use the right words to grow your business.

Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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