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The Proven 6-Step E-Book Writing Process

Why Use an eBook?

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Did You Know?

eBook Fact
Downloadable eBooks can double your email conversion rates.
eBook Fact
eBooks are more popular than audio books for adults of all ages - (Statista)

E-Book Writing Process

Your eBooks are written according to a 6-step eBook writing process.  

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

During your 15-20-minute “Discovery Meeting”, you and Clyde will meet in a Zoom meeting.  The goal is to get your questions answered, learn more about your business, lead generation goals, and how WriteMyEbooks.com  can help you generate more leads and sales.  If you and Clyde decide to work with each other, you can schedule a separate “Project Meeting” will be scheduled.

Step #2: Project Meeting

What you think about your eBook, matters.  What your email subscribers think of your eBooks matters more.  We want to make sure your eBook is relevant and useful to your email subscribers.  During your online Project Meeting, we will discuss the topics, outline, tone and length of your eBook.  We will also discuss how you want your eBooks to tie into your other online and offline campaigns. 

Step #3: eBook Outline

Once your 50% project deposit is paid, research starts and you will receive your first eBook outline.  This is your chance to change any chapters, sub-heads or change the direction of your eBook project.  

Step #4: Writing Your eBook

Your eBook will be written with clear wording, no grammatical or spelling mistakes.  Editing and proofreading is included, so your subscribers get information they can understand use today to solve their specific problem.  It will take 7-14 days to write your eBook.

Step #5: Draft Submission

When your eBook is written, you will be sent the first draft.  Please check it for spelling mistakes and other errors.  Email your  revisions to clyde@writemyebooks.com.  You get up to four, complimentary drafts.  Five or more drafts will cost an extra $50.00, per draft. 

Step #6: Final Approval

Don’t give final approval until you give your eBook, email campaign or landing page a 5/5.  This insures you are getting the eBook and lead generation campaign you need to succeed.  Once you receive your final draft, you can send it to your design team to complete creating your eBook for its launch. 

Benefits Of Our eBook Writing Service

Writing your eBooks can take up your time and energy, hurting your productivity and bottom line. WriteMyEbooks.com will help you.

Spend your time on your specialty not writing. Focus on other important business tasks. Save money with fair and reasonable pricing for your eBook projects. Remove confusion by getting eBook topics to generate more leads.