Email Copywriting Service

Choosing topics for your email campaigns can be harder than choosing topics for your eBooks.
We help you choose the right email sequence to follow up with, once people opt-in to get your eBooks.
These include acquisition emails, welcome emails, offer emails and others.
Our story-based emails engage email subscribers, remove sales resistance and inspires them to take action.

Why Use MailerLite?


Subject Line Secrets


Did You Know?

Email Fact
Personalized subject line emails are 22% more likely to be opened. -(invespcro)
Email Fact
The word "newsletter" produces a 18.7% decrease open-rate. - (invespcro)

Types of Email Campaigns

Since 2008, Clyde has written email campaigns generating over $12,000,000 in leads and sales. Email copywriting service includes…

Email Sequence Creation

Clyde will create a logical email sequence to engage your subscribers. Part of the “secret sauce” to this is basing your email sequences according to subscriber personality types.

Acquisition Emails

Getting people to subscribe to your eBooks, newsletters or video series is based on appealing to their core beliefs, desires and fears. Clyde writes acquisition emails positioning you as the answer to email subscriber problems.

Welcome Emails

Once your email subscribers take action it’s time to welcome them. Generic welcome emails won’t do the job. Clyde writes welcome emails designed to establish you as someone email subscribers can trust and spend their money with.

Educational Emails

Education marketing allows you to equip your email subscribers with information to solve their problems. You will get educational emails establishing you as the industry expert, show how your products and services can help them and lead them to buy.

Video Emails

Showing what your products or services can do inspired email subscribers to share your videos, click relevant links and keep you top-of-mind with qualified prospects. Short emails are written to let your video emails generate more leads and sales for you.

Email Stats

Want the latest stats on email marketing, conversion rates and more?  Visit the digital marketing gurus at Hubspot!

Key Benefits Of Service

Attraction, interaction and action. Email copywriting delivers this and more to market your eBooks, products and services.

According to, 47% of emails are opened, based on the subject line. Email copywriting inspires subscribers to open more of your emails, help them interact with you and take action on your offers. What would this do for your bottom line?