The more questions yo uget answered the more equipped you are to make a decision.  What burning questions do you have about WriteMyEbooks.com?  Does Clyde do blog writing?  Is he willing to write my website? Find out answers to some of your top questions, below.  If there’s a question you didn’t see answered, feel free to contact me at clyde@writemyebooks.com.

Frequently Ask Questions

We’re ready to answer your questions.  Take a peek at some of our most popular questions.

Blog writing is available on request.  Clyde does what’s called, “direct response blog writing.”  The goals are to inform your readers and inspire them to take an action to solve a problem, using your product or service.

The honest  answer is all of them with one exception.  Clients who don’t implement the copy and strategies Clyde provides tend to miss their goals.  Clyde works with his clients until they reach their goals.  He’s obsessed with helping his clients get what they want.

Website copywriting is available for 4-100-page websites.  Pricing is based on your needs and if you need copy written for the email campaigns, blog posts and other digital platforms for your website. 

Depending on the length of your eBook, it takes 7-14 days.  This includes research, choosing topics and other steps.  Most eBooks range from 7-50 pages.  Some are 50 pages or more.  Any eBooks over pages will take longer to write.

Clyde has twelve years of copywriting experience and twenty-four years of direct response marketing experience.  He specializes in eBook and email copywriting. 

Clyde enjoys writing for the financial, insurance, non-profit and travel industries.  He also writes for information publishing companies and retail businesses.

Clyde was trained through the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) out of Delray Beach, FL.  He’s  certified as a Direct Response Copywriter.  He’s taken numerous continued education courses for email copywriting, website copywriting, marketing and more.

No, but Clyde will refer you to his list of Social Media Mavens who do!

We have 24 years of experience in copywriting

Working with WriteMyEbooks.com means you're working a company trained and skilled in the art of lead generation and direct response. With 24 years of copywriting and marketing experience, Clyde is equipped to help you generate more leads and sales for your business.