Landing Page Copywriting Service

Pictures may be worth a “thousand words”, but the right words can be worth thousands or millions of dollars.  According to, using video on your landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.  This is another reason it’s critical to have “Big Ideas” and landing page copywriting, inspiring people to buy from you.  The landing page copywriting services provides multiple benefits for your lead generation campaigns.


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Did You Know?

Landing Page Fact
A one second delay in page loading can lead to a 7% decrease in conversions. - (
Landing Page Fact
Only 50% of landing pages are optimized for mobile devices. - (

Copywriting Process

Clyde uses an effective process to write your landing page copy.  The goal is to generate leads and sales for specific eBooks, products and services.  It all starts with…

The “Big Idea”

It takes a solid foundation to build a house.  The “Big Idea” is the foundation of your landing page design and copy.  Without it, visitors won’t be inspired by your theme, which will help them decide to buy from you.  Clyde uses his “Idea Generation System” to create the perfect “Big Idea” for your landing page copy.

Landing Page Outline

Videos, pictures and words.  Where should these elements be on your landing page?  Getting the order wrong will decrease leads and sales.  Clyde helps you craft the right order of elements for your landing page.  This outline puts the “easy factor” on each landing page, so your conversions increase.

Writing the Words

Once you approve your landing page outline, its time to write!  Using his “Storytelling System”, Clyde guides your landing page visitors to click on the links or buttons you want for more leads and sales.  You won’t launch your landing page until you rate the copy as a 5/5.

Editing and Proofreading

You don’t have time to edit and proofread your landing page copy.  Clyde edits and proofreads each word for spelling and grammatical errors.   Landing page visitors will find your copy easy to read, understand and take action on.

Test the “Bridge”

When a bridge is built it stays closed until it’s safe to drive on.  The same is true with your landing page.  Clyde will guide you through the process for testing the copy and other elements on your landing page.  This insures everything works right to attract, engage and convert visitors into prospects or customers.

Key Benefits Of Service

Your landing pages help your visitors continue along the road of their "buying story."

Allow your landing page to be the "bridge" leading to solutions to their problems. Landing page copywriting gives them the right solution to the right problem at the right time. It builds a relationship promising ongoing help in their time of need.