The “3 Super Powers” of Self-Publishers

Page 134 helped me change the direction of my circumstances. Had I not followed it’s advice, I would have been broken emotionally.

We all have a “Clark Kent” hiding inside of us. We need to enter the “phone booth” and exit it in our hero attire. It happens, because of a little thing called TRANSFORMATION. It’s why self-help books are powerful.

These books bring out the Super Man in all of us. The same power he has is available to people within the pages of self-help books. The publishers who put these books on the market are God-sends.

They have true super powers I have to share. They help people change three major areas in their lives for the better.

Super Power #1: Changes Mindsets

I used to hate budgeting. This changed when I read the book, “The Total Money Makeover.” Dave Ramsey’s breakthrough book gave me a deep-dive into why I was swimming in debt and how to surf above it.

Now budgeting let’s me “relax in limitation.” Seeing where I was going freed me to do the right things to improve my situation. Books like these remove denial helping you see the truth, because…

Self-help books changes mindsets.

They show you the way like a treasure map. I continue to use Dave Ramsey’s book to grow my “financial IQ.”

Super Power #2: Change Direction

Ever get rolling on the wrong path, but don’t know how to get off? A good self-help book does the trick. It gives you the mental and practical toolkit to find the right path.

These books keep you from staying in the wrong relationships, jobs, businesses, events and more. Without them you “fly blind” hoping things will work out.

Going in the right direction can lead to loving marriages, fulfilling careers, untold wealth or excellent health. As a self-publisher this super power alone is worth it’s weight in gold!

Super Power #3: Changes Viewpoints

A good friend of mine has a saying…

“Sometimes you can’t see the picture, because you’re in the picture.”

What you see can be what you get. A relevant self-help book shapes how you see a circumstance, problem or opportunity. It clears the “cob webs” of your thinking, so you see and accept reality and how to change it.

I read a self-help classic called, “Codependent No More.” After reading it I saw myself and others in a new light. It taught me how to care for myself and let others care for themselves. This change may not have happened if I had not read the book.

If you’re a self-help publisher, don’t forget the powers of your books. the information inside can change lives on levels you may not be aware of.

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