The “Jedi Mindtrick” of 7-Figure Small Business Owners

I’m on the phone with a cousin of mine. I asked him advice on getting out of a downturn in business. He told me something I will not forget.

“Clyde, there was a time when I didn’t know how I was going to pay my rent. But I never worried.”

Today, my cousin runs a seven-figure business in Washington state. What got him through those tough times while building his business?

Thoughts Are Things

Over the years I have talked with countless small business owners. The seven-figure variety think differently. To them “thoughts are things.”

Other small business owners who struggle, don’t think this way. They are controlled by their circumstances. They count on who is in Congress or in the White House.

Like my cousin seven-figure owners don’t count on those things. They use a “Jedi Mindtrick.” It helps them stay positive no matter what happens. Their “mindset plan” helps them jump mental hurtles designed to defeat them.

The “Mindset Plan”

Step #1: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Daily circumstances can chip away at your future. How? The negative ones can outnumber the positive ones. To combat this seven-figure owners invert their thoughts. They focus on their end goals.

Stephen Covey calls it “Having the end in mind.”

Your goals need to be so internalized nothing can dissuade you from going after them! Think Navy’s SEALS, “Hell Week.”

The candidates who become SEALS would rather die than ring the bell to quit. Why? The rewards of wearing the SEAL Trident and being respected as an “Operator” are too strong to lose.

Step #2: Again

I heard this said in a pastoral message a few days ago. It talks about the biblical concept of failing. Then getting up and going after life AGAIN.

As a small business owner live by again. It’s the word reminding you to persevere. On the other side are rewards you can account for.

Step #3: Enjoy Present Rewards

Seven-figure small business owners are grateful for what they nave now. They may not have the mansion. They might not be driven in a limo. But they have more money. They have more “time freedom.”

Always take inventory of what you do have. They remind you of what you are capable of achieving. You remember the blessings you do have. Besides, not everything is about getting the “Almighty Dollar!”

The Rewards of Belief

What can happen when the “Jedi Mindtrick” takes affect?

*The more you accomplish goals the more your confidence grows.

*You become emboldened to try and complete new things. They grow you and your business.

*You learn to trust yourself and decisions. Great results benefit you and others.

*Believing in tough times helps you enjoy the riches you may gain in the good times.

It’s true you know? You become what you think about.

Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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