The “Profitable Secret” of 7-Figure Small Businesses

Most small businesses lose up to 25% of clientele each year.  This happens because of an overlooked, profitable secret.   It’s a “quality control secret” seven-figure small business owners live by.

If you’re not using it, you’re missing out. Clients appreciate it when you use this secret. It makes their lives easier, buying from you. Here’s why it is so valuable to your business.

Why This Profitable Secret Works

Why do seven-figure small business owners use this profitable secret? It insures their clients get what they want every time.   Using it in your small business can also…

*Make it easier for clients to buy from you, so they buy more often

*Attracts and serves clients without you being present

*Saves you time, so you can do other business-related tasks

*It can make your business more money in less time

The “Quality Control System”

What is this profitable secret?  I call it the “Quality Control System.”  Each part of your business needs a system.  These include systems for your marketing, payroll and other areas. According to author Michael E. Gerber of “The E-Myth”, systems are better. 

You see systems wherever you buy. Walmart has a system for how you enter and move around their stores. McDonald’s has a system for making their burgers and fries.

Systems in your business give you lucrative benefits.  These include…

*Operating your business 24/7, even when you’re asleep

*Gives you analytics on revenue, expenses, leads, clients and more

*Solves client problems in-person or on-the-go

*Raises the quality of the prospects and clients you bring in

Some small businesses need at least one system.  Others need more.  Your system may not include software. It may be as simple as creating one to serve customers in your restaurant.

Here are five steps to choose and create your Quality Control System.

Create Your System in 5 Steps

Step #1: Find “Broken Levers”

The “Levers” in your business make you money. They make up your products and services. The “Broken Levers” are products and services not making money. Which of yours over the past quarter didn’t produce a profit?

Find your “broken levers.” Decide if you need a system to measure and track if this part of your business. When I bought Quick Books I learned something. Two areas of a business I own were not profitable. I changed them, because I found the “broken levers.”

Step #2: Set System Goals

What do you want your Quality Control System to do? Clear goals are easy to measure. Why? The analytics will tell you what’s working and what’s not.

Let’s say you implement a new email marketing platform. Your goals can include adding ten subscribers, per month for the first ninety days. Without goals your Quality Control System is wasting money.

Step #3: Choose Relevant Systems

What industry are you in? Based on your needs, you may need two or more systems. These can include Quick Books or manufacturing software. Authors benefit from email platforms like Aweber. Or book marketing software like “KDP Rocket.” Others can include Sales Force and so on.

Check your industry. What Quality Control Systems can help you run your business better? Which system will help you gain new clients? Research the best ones. Choose what fits your needs and budget.

Step #4: Learn Your Systems

Ever have a problem, but didn’t solve it? What about the book you bought on the subject six months ago? The same thing happens with new systems. Small business owners buy them. Few learn and use them to perfection.

The more you know your Quality Control Systems the more money you can make. Each part you learn helps you save time and money. You learn which sections and tools can help you work, faster. Learn your systems.

Step #5: Review Your Analytics

A Quality Control System I implemented was Quick Books. Viewing my Profit & Loss or Cash Flow Statements tells me the truth. Either I need to hire help or get my hide out to find clients! At first I wanted nothing to do with “looking at the numbers.” As a colleague of mine said…

“Fall in love with the numbers! They tell you where to go!”

Review the analytics of your system dashboards. I recommend weekly if not daily. Your numbers and other stats will show you where you’re headed. The best ones can alert you to what should be removed or changed.

Is Your “Copy Lever” Broken?

There’s a Quality Control System needed for every business. I’m talking about your WORDS. The ones on your landing pages, websites and email campaigns. Why are they important?

The words on these platforms should do three things.

* Inform your visitors

*Establish you as a specialist

*Make you money

Are your words doing these things for you? If not, your “copy lever” is broken.

Need a Quality Control System for your words?  Email me at  I will do a “Copy Diagnostic” of your current landing page, email campaign or website not producing results.

*Share the link to your current landing page, email campaign or website

*Tell me why you think your copy is not converting

*I will review your words and send you ways to fix them for more response

Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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