The “Sinatra Method” to Higher Email Response Rates

There are many reasons why subscribers open and read your emails. Videos, testimonials and other reasons abound. But there’s something else that doesn’t get enough credit for higher email response rates.

I call it the “Sinatra Method.”

Frank Sinatra was no Brad Pitt. But his amazing career can be summed up in one song, “I Did It My Way.” What does this have to do with email response rates?

When “Ole Blue Eyes” took the stage to sing it was over. He sang and performed without a care about what other people or performers thought. He performed his way.

He was authentic, raw and powerful every time the stage lights came on. Here’s how to emulate his style in your email messages.

Tip #1: Be Authentic

Write like you talk. Subscribers can tell when you’re giving a sales pitch. Speak from the heart in your email messages. Make it clear your empathize and can help your subscribers.

Tell a story about how you failed and used your product or service to bounce back. Subscribers love these raw stories about real people who have been where they’re at.

Tip #2: Be Helpful

Sinatra helped his fans by helping them escape reality for a few hours. His songs gave them hope. Listening to his music put the “pep” back in their step.

Don’t tell subscribers what you do. Instead tell them how you can help them. Being helpful in your email messages lowers sales resistance. It shows them you’re trying to help them get to where they want to be.

Tip #3: Put on a Show

I have said this before and I will keep saying it. Show subscribers how what you offer can help them. What video, slide slow or recording can you put in your email messages? This is a great way to put on a show for your subscribers.

Something To Remember…

If you doubt the power of what I’m telling you, here are some stats to remember about video marketing from www.impactbnd…

*Users spend 88% more time on websites with videos

*Emails are opened 7% more when the word “video” is in the subject line

*81% of businesses use video in their marketing

Like Frank Sinatra and other high performers, don’t aspire to send email messages like your competitors. Develop and perfect your own style, delivery, messaging and more.

Your subscribers will thank you for it; higher email open rates, click-throughs more. Like Frank Sinatra…

Do it YOUR way!

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