The “Star Wars” Marketing Method

For years I wondered why the Star Wars movies have taken the world by storm. Why do people treat the movie trailers like a world event?

The “Star Wars” Marketing Method is, brilliant! It’s void of selling, yelling and coercing people into buying anything.

People want to buy and be part of this movie saga. Not to mention buying memorabilia, late night premiers, themed home theaters, you name it.

It works because of one thing…

What I Believe George Lucas Figured Out

I believe George Lucas and eventually United Artists who gave the first Star Wars a shot, believed…

People want the greatness inside them to come out!

Sounds simple, maybe trite, but it’s true. How many times have you pictured yourself as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or even Princess Leah?

Tell me you haven’t pictured yourself battling Darth Vader with your Light Saber? I know you were Han Solo flying your Millennium Falcon out of harms way!

Why do I bring up this point?

Your prospects and clients want more out of life. Money, relationships, transportation, you name it. They believe things about themselves and buy accordingly.

I once visited a mall in Las Vegas. I ventured into a shop with $6,000.00 and $20,000.00 watches! Who would buy something that expensive?

People who believed the watch matched who they believed themselves to be.

Here’s my question about what you’re offering. Will your eBook, product or service help people bring out the greatness they believe is hidden inside them?

Will what you’re offering solve the problem, blocking their greatness?

Watch the Star Wars movies. What beliefs, desires and fears flood your mind in each scene? You’re seeing and feeling them, because it’s what you believe about yourself.

George Lucas and the Force thank you! Your readers and subscribers will thank you too.

Clyde McDade is an eBook Writer and Empowerment Coach.

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