Three “Forgotten Secrets” Your Email Messages Wish You Knew About Them

If your email messages could talk you would be surprised. They’re are three forgotten secrets they wish you knew about them. Knowing these secrets help increase your email subscriber opt-in rates and profits.

Secret #1: Create a “B.D.F.” Profile

Most businesses don’t get clarity on what email subscribers want and why. They don’t create a “B.D.F.” Profile. This is a document designed to ask three things; What are your subscribers beliefs, desires and fears pertaining to what you’re offering? Not knowing the answer will lead to flat, unauthentic, sales-like email messages.

Secret #2: Show Don’t Tell

It’s easier to write words for email messages. It can be harder to place a video demonstrating your publication, product or service in action. Doing so ignites the decision-making part of your brain (Old Brain) to make faster buying decisions. Pop in a video showing what you do in action.

Secret #3: The “Housekeeping Factor”

This is commonly known as “cleaning your list.” Email list cleaning services like VerifyBee checks your email list to make sure subscriber emails are accurate and active. The more “clean” or accurate your email list is, the higher your deliver-ability and potential response rates. Check out the top ten email list cleaning services, here.

Don’t ignore these three secrets. Using them consistently can increase opt-in rates, profits and subscriber engagement. In our next article, learn about the “Sinatra Secret” to Higher Email Response Rates.”

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