Want More Clients Now? Use This “Pipeline-Builder”

Welcome back to the seven profitable “Word-of-Mouth” marketing secrets of little-known, small business owners! Last time I promised something big. If you want to build a full pipeline of customers, ready to buy from you…

Create your “must-have” product or service.

In this lesson you will learn…

*Why clients really buy from you

*What keeps them coming back

*Creating your “must-have” product or service

Years ago I was at the Evergreen State Fair in Washington state. Under the hot sun a glorious smell hit my nostrils. The sugar-topped, cinnamon-based scent of Elephant Ears called to me and others!

We knew we shouldn’t have it. But our taste buds and brains said otherwise. The line to the Elephant Ear book had thrilled clients standing for up to forty-five minutes. But no one cared. Why?

Why Clients Buy from You

Your clients buy from you for three reasons. Let’s take a quick look at each one.

Reason #1: What you offer confirms a deep belief they hold. If you sell a health supplement for men they buy it, because they believe they “Still got it!” They want to remain strong, healthy and desired. Their belief is your product will give them this an more benefits.

Reason #2: Your product or service gives satisfies a deep desire. Plastic surgery can drive people to chase the “Fountain of Youth.” Their desire to be attractive to the opposite or same sex gets satisfied with the right procedure.

Reason #3: You promise to help them overcome a deep fear. Imagine if you offered a product or course that showed people how to overcome their fear of heights in three steps? They would buy it in a heartbeat!

Clients will buy your “must-have” product or service if it benefits a deep belief, desire or fear inside them.

What Keeps Clients Coming Back

Clients keep coming back, because your must-have product or service continues to give them the outcome they pictured.

I once visited a couple who builds custom outdoor kitchens. As I spent time in theirs, I fell in love with having one. Their outdoor kitchen allowed you to barbecue, swim nearby, eat and drink at your leisure. The more I enjoyed my time there, the more I pictured myself having one.

Clients who have continuous, positive experiences with what you offer, will keep coming back for more! Especially when quality is in the mix.

Creating Your “Must-Have” Product or Service

It’s not easy, but it can be done. How do you do it? Here are a few suggestions I have learned from 7-figure small business owners and my observations.

Step #1: Practice “People-Watching”

Go to a carnival or fair. Watch the most popular booths. Why are certain food and product vendors so packed? How come the wood carving tent is surrounded with mesmerized prospects? You will get a feel for what attracts people. Quick secret…

These prospects can’t stop picturing themselves enjoying what’s in front of them. The stronger the picture the stronger the desire to have it is.

Step #2: Ask Questions

Business owners talk to business owners. Walk up to who is running the booth and ask questions. People love to share their knowledge, especially when they’re successful. If not, get a business card and email your questions.

You will get “gold nuggets” of marketing at no cost. Don’t pass up a chance to get this free education!

Step #3: Google It

I’m amazed at how the internet continues to grow! Before you pound the pavement at fairs and other events, do this; Sit and Google your industries top-selling companies. Read the articles, websites, blogs and reviews about them. Pay special attention to the reviews.

During Your Research…

As you research other must-have products and services, what do you notice? What are some common denominators? Jot your observations down. And ask yourself a HUGE question…

“What’s the one thing I can do to create a must-have product or service for my business?”

Once you ask, write down your answers. What you find may change the direction of your business, bank account and life, forever!

Use these strategies above to create a must-have product or service for your business. You may create something the world has been waiting for. Meaning, they MUST HAVE it!

Clyde McDade is the author of the upcoming eBook, The 7 Profitable “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Secrets of Little-Known Small Businesses.

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