When Kobe Bryant Got Off the Plane…

In 1997 in the state of Utah, young NBA superstar Kobe Bryant did something “His Airness”, Micheal Jordan couldn’t comprehend himself doing; shooting four straight air balls in a playoff game.

How did the 17-year-old Kobe Bryant respond?

The Lakers airplane touched down at the airport. Most of the team and coaches went home, since it was about 1 a.m. Not Kobe. Story goes, when Kobe Bryant got off the plane, he found someone to open the gym he wanted to practice in.

He practiced shooting jump shots till the morning hours.

I was devastated by his untimely death. Who he became after those four air balls was nothing short of legendary. Five NBA titles and other accolades. Ah, but there was the 2002 Colorado incident, where he was charged with sexually assaulting a young woman. The turnaround he made after that was shocking, also. What’s my point?

How did you respond after your last “air ball” in business and life?

It’s easy to talk about “winning” and going after your purpose in life. But are you letting what happened before stop you now? Here are three keys to bouncing back after a failure you didn’t expect.

Key #1: Get to Work

I’ve heard “late night, early morning” stories like Kobe’s for years. There are two kinds of people in failure; the ones who wallow in it and those who get to work.

After you bite it big time, don’t waste your time. Get to work on improving yourself. Personal Finance guru Dave Ramsey shares a powerful insight when it comes to failure…

“You’re your problem and your solution.”

Don’t forget if you caused your failure you can cause your success. Get to work putting your power to work for yourself for a better outcome.

Key #2: Change Your Mindset

When Kobe Bryant finished shooting baskets, I believe his famous, “Mamba Mentality” was born. His next series of games produced a smarter, edgier and fierce competitor.

After you decide to bounce back don’t set goals, first. Ask yourself ‘who do I need to be to accomplish what I want?‘ Your answers will help you set REAL goals and they will be easier to accomplish. You’re just being your new self.

Key #3: Take Your Shots

I guarantee you there wasn’t a repeat of Kobe’s “air ball show!” He and the L.A. Lakers went on to win five NBA titles. That’s one shy of Michael Jordan’s modern-day, six NBA title run.

Now it’s time for you to set new goals and take your shots. Go back to the drawing board, launch your new product, eBook, service and so on. Don’t hold back.

Big deal if you fell face first. Every horse hits the dirt at least once in it’s life. But she gets up and runs again! You do the same.

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